Terms of Service for steam.ynef.net

Acceptance of Terms

By using the services provided on steam.ynef.net you agree to all of the terms mentioned below. It is up to you to take the time and carefully study the Terms of Service before you start using steam.ynef.net

Promotional emails

You understand that upon logging in to steam.ynef.net your email address that you have on file with Facebook will be stored in our database until the termination of your account. You hereby agree to receive occasional newsletters (never more than twice a week) and other promotional material to said email address as long as you: 1)either send us a request to remove you from our mailing list, or 2)voluntarily decide to terminate your account on steam.ynef.net. However please note that if you decide to terminate your account, any of your earned progress points will be removed from your account as well. Therefore by terminating your account at any time you are giving up your chance to receive a gift from us in the form of Steam Key(s).

Surveys and sweepstakes

steam.ynef.net does not take any responsibility regarding the validity and/or legitimacy of any potential gifts (ie. gift cards) that may or may not be offered to you as you participate in the surveys provided on steam.ynef.net. Furthermore, steam.ynef.net is not liable for any form of loss, including, but not limited to a financial loss or any other possible dispute or misunderstanding that may or may not occur outside the scope of steam.ynef.net (ie. on a 3'rd party website).

Monetary compensation

You hereby aknowledge and agree to the fact that steam.ynef.net will receive a monetary compensation every time you participate in a survey found in the members-only area of steam.ynef.net. The monetary compensation will be paid out to steam.ynef.net and/or its representatives by AdWork Media Group, LLC (adworkmedia.com).

Your compensation

You hereby understand and agree to the fact that you are not an employee of steam.ynef.net and therefore have absolutely no right to the earnings steam.ynef.net has generated or will generate in the future through your actions on steam.ynef.net (ie. taking surveys). Your compensation will now and always be limited the Steam Key(s) that you choose upon joining steam.ynef.net.

Receiving your reward

You aknowledge that steam.ynef.net will only dispatch your reward to you after steam.ynef.net has received the previously mentioned monetary compensation in order to cover (in full) for the total cost of purchasing the Steam Key(s) as a gift to You.

Our right to deny your Steam Key(s) request

Finally You aknowledge that steam.ynef.net reserves the right to decide against rewarding you with any Steam Key(s) should steam.ynef.net and/or any of its legal representatives deem it necessary in order to protect the best interests of steam.ynef.net, AdWork Media Group, LLC and any of their business partners. (ie. in the event where you take surveys solely in order to receive the Steam Key(s) as a gift without showing any interest whatsoever in the offers of AdWork Media Group, LLC and their business partners).

Account termination

You agree that steam.ynef.net reserves the right to terminate your account on http://steam.ynef.net without notice at any time without the obligation of compensating you for your actions (ie. taking surveys, referring friends, etc) in any way or form.

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